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How A Shoebox Makes It Easier For You

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Every small business owner knows that there simply isn’t enough time in any given day. We don’t always do what we are not suppose to in terms of keeping track of records and our tendency to ‘wing it’ has something to do in terms of administrative back up. When we’re out and about, spending money here or there on business purchases, we are often not as careful as we should be when it comes to keeping track of those receipts. Sometimes these receipts are printed on paper that easily fades away over time and yet we often just stuff all these pieces of paper randomly into a shoebox, in the corner of the office.

It is a particular chore that we don’t often pay attention to until the end of the month comes that we really have to because by that time, the shoebox becomes overstuffed and overflowing. It is difficult to read or maybe difficult to recall the paper works since some of it has somewhat faded by now. If you don’t know what that receipt is telling you, how can you make use of it and create an important entry into your annual accounts for tax purposes?

I think the perfect company name for this operation is “Enter Shoebox”. It immediately sums up what they’re trying to achieve, which is to make sure that you don’t have one of those old shoe boxes in the corner of your office anymore. Now, it’s quite easy to keep track of all these receipts and not only financial documents, but also important new business cards that you may pick up.

The idea is relatively simple. All you have to do is to send all these pieces of paper to the organization wherein they will carefully scan it, enter the data and such is being organized meticulously for you. Most people may choose the scan and automatically send to your designated e-mail “inbox” option, but you also have the option of mailing in using prepaid envelopes supplied to you as part of your membership.

Having as many as 50 individual receipts or business cards scanned in on a monthly basis for the lowest entry price point is also an option for the small business owners. Shoeboxed promises an average turnaround of between three and five business days after they are received, before the information is available to you through their portal. There will be no limitations to the number of records you can process for those who are self-scanning. There is also a larger plan available to those Business owners who acquires quite a considerable number of receipts to handle on a monthly plan, wherein they can have a dedicated account manager who is willing to help you in case of problems and a quarterly back up CD will also be provided to you.

Once the receipts are in the system, you will be provided by the software with summaries through PDF or Excel as it also integrates solutions such as Quickbooks, Freshbooks or Quicken. Thus, You can easily sync your receipts without having to try and figure out what a particular piece of paper is supposed to be telling you by the end of the month.

Has Your Business Motivation Deserted You? 7 Tips to Galvanize You And Help Power Your Biz Forward

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Face it. We all have moments when, regardless how determined we are, motivation deserts us. This happens for variety of reasons. And in those unique moments it’s important to reference what keeps you motivated at all; in order to regroup and move forward.

However, before you can begin motivating yourself, or your biz, you must clarify, or re-clarify, what you actually want. This relates back to having clear, well-thought out goals. Unfortunately the problem of motivation often arises when you’re no longer sure what you want. Why you wanted it. Or what you expected to gain if you reached your intended destination. If so, there’s little reason to motivate yourself. Then it becomes difficult to maintain a high level of continued self motivation.

It’s considerably easier to motivate yourself when the goal is a wisely chosen one. One which serves to galvanize you; stimulate your business. And don’t forget, self motivation helps increase your ability to stick to a goal, or plan, long term. Regardless of problems or constraints arising.

Here’s 7 Great Tips for Motivating or Re-Motivating Yourself and Energizing Your Business:

1. Stop trying to accomplish too many tasks at one time. In short don’t multi-task. Instead have your projects laid out by priority. Working, at each, until accomplished.

Psychologists have proven people lose concentration when continuously switching from task to task. Causing them not only to lose momentum. But, more importantly, to lose concentration.

2. Get a better grip on who you are and how you function. For instance, don’t start larger projects in the afternoon if you’re a morning person. Start later if you like working afternoons or evenings. Are you a group or work-alone person? Someone who prefers to delegate or not?

Understanding who you are, what you’re capable of, allows you to accomplish more, stay motivated longer. Plus a great side affect is this helps keep your confidence level up.

3. Delete repetitive or unnecessary tasks. We all have unnecessary, time-wasting, sometimes stressful tasks. Which if deleted would barely cause a ripple. Root them out. Allowing yourself greater freedom to work on meaningful projects and tasks which develop progress, help keep up momentum.

4. Update or purchase needed, new equipment. Waiting for a machine past it’s prime to complete a cycle, a computer to boot up or agonizingly load a site can be so frustrating. I can’t tell you how much more motivated I became once I purchased a computer with applications I desperately needed. It’s hard to get motivated, to complete even small projects, knowing frustration awaits. Bite the bullet and get the equipment you need. It’ll be one of the best investments you ever make. Plus invigorate you and your business.

5. Develop simple systems and processes to make doing business easier for you and your employees. To thrive, and succeed, you must have the appropriate systems in place. The simpler the better. These systems will not only guide you, they’ll become second nature. Allowing you to save time and money – always great motivators.

6. Focus. Focus. Focus. Turn off distractions and focus. Read emails in the morning or evening; let the phone ring into voicemail; ignore tweets and Facebook messages. Deal with emergencies and high priority scenarios as necessary. However distractions, even small ones, can quickly frustrate and rob you of valuable energy; lose time or money, put you behind; even anger you.

Focusing, allows you complete projects faster; energizing you; urging you forward.

7. “Know When to Fold’em”. The truth is there are things none of us likes doing; aren’t qualified to. Don’t continue undermining your business, disappointing yourself struggling to accomplish them. Stop. And assign them to the willing and able; or hire them out. For example, if your social networking, writing, marketing or accounting skills are lacking, farm out those tasks. Saving yourself, generally, for projects which not only hold your attention, inspire or challenge you. But allow you to wisely direct valuable talents to projects which help your business succeed and profit.

To further motivate yourself, set up a vision board; adding to it regularly. Plus envision completion of your projects and goals often. This will further inspire, motivate and galvanize you to power your biz forward.

The Most Unique Money Making Ideas You Will Ever Come Across

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Everyone wants to earn more money-that’s pretty much common sense! The problem with this is that people tend to stick to conventions and end up with clichéd money making ideas. And because everyone has ended up doing the same thing, making a big profit is not all that easy. In order to be successful in business, you have to stand out from the crowd. You have to offer something that nobody else does, and thus have monopoly over this particular product.

Here are some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Open up a comfort food restaurant.
Everything is gourmet this, gourmet that these days. It seems like you can’t go out for dinner without running into a dozen French cooking terms along the way! Opening up a comfort food restaurant, then, is one of those money making ideas no one would expect, but would definitely help you earn more money! Sure, haute cuisine is great, but when you get serious mac n’ cheese cravings, shouldn’t there be a go-to place for that as well?

2. Teach a foreign language.
A lot of people spend their time teaching kids musical instruments, theater, or other artistic pursuits, and if you have the knack for instruction, then you should definitely do something as a pedagogue. In order to set your venture apart from all the clichéd money making ideas teachers get, however, why not teach a foreign language instead? If you are fluent in a language other than English, why not let children develop a love for this language, too? Apart from helping you earn more money, it will definitely set your students apart from their peers, and maybe even help them get into a great college in the future!

3. Be a pet pal!
When people go off on vacation, they can usually leave their pet cats and dogs at special pet day care centers, or even pet “hotels.” But what if you keep birds, fish, or smaller mammals like hamsters and gerbils? What if you keep exotic pets such as snakes and tarantulas? Wouldn’t you like somebody to take care of them properly while you were away for a couple of days? Becoming a pal for unusual pets is one of those untapped money making ideas that can allow you to earn more money than you ever dreamed! Animal lovers should really grab this fresh opportunity!

4. Hold board game parties.
Video games are all well and good, but don’t you miss playing old-fashioned board games with a bunch of your friends? The problem is, board games are becoming harder to come by these days, and it can be difficult to arrange a good playing space at home. Having a space for board game parties, then, is one of those money making ideas that just might work wonders! Earn more money and allow people to have a blast at the same time! Just rent a decent-sized space, purchase a few classic board games, and watch yourself become the most popular person in the city!

5. Write personalized short stories.
No gift is more creative than a short story written specifically for someone you care about. Be it about how two people first met, or how someone’s child has grown up successfully, there’s always something special with every story. If you have a knack for the written word, why not consider storytelling as one of those great money making ideas nobody else has? Earn more money by writing short stories based on your clients’ anecdotes. They’ll definitely make for a very touching gift!